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Between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, you'll find lots of places to get wet off Spain. For the best, head to the dramatic Costa Brava and explore the marine park-protected Medes Islands. Here, explosive red and vivid yellow gorgonians light up the reef they share with a wonderful line-up of marine life, including curious octopus, cocky groupers (they're protected and know it), rays, and conger eels. Discover the Dolphin Cave, where light beams gather to dance with lack of inhibition.

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More than 1,400 islands, known throughout the world for their beauty and culture, make up this water-bound nation. Historical and archeological sites abound. Nightlife rules some islands, while butterflies and romance rule others. And diving has seen a steep rise lately, since the government lifted restrictions and opened up previously forbidden (for archeological reasons) regions.

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These two small islands in the southern Mediterranean are wrapped in the regions' warmest and clearest waters, and is one of the few European destinations where warm water diving is possible year-round. A strong and enticing mix of intact, penetrable wrecks, marine life, caverns and flourishing drop-offs will keep the 50+ dive sites that ring these islands at the top of the mind for European divers

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