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Baja Mexico

Baja is not easily encapsulated. It stretched 1240 kilometers / 771 miles from the US border to Cabo San Lucas and "Land's End." On one side, you have the endless expanse of the Pacific, on the other side, you have the fecund, marine life rich Sea of Cortez, and 368 kilometers/230 miles southof Land's End, you have the unique rocky islands and pelagic wonderland of the Revillagigedo Islands. Most of Baja is remote and uninhabited. The Sea of Cortez is one of the richest marine environments in the world.

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The top end of the mythical Bermuda Triangle, this small Atlantic outpost has been eating ships since the days of Shakespeare. Hundreds of shipwrecks litter the seafloor off Bermuda as a result of storms, treachery and more recently, purposeful sinking. Millions of dollars in treasure has been discovered in these waters, and probably millions more of undisclosed treasure. It's heaven for people that like stories, especially those encapsulate in the decking, bulkheads and boilers of sunken ships. Interestingly, Bermuda is hyper-civilized above the water.

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Cancun Mexico

In a place well-known for over-indulgence, an all night party scene, and beach lounge recovery, as well as a coastline crowded with soaring, expansive hotels, you wouldn't expect there to be good diving within shouting distance of shore. Cancun's dive sites, including wrecks and reefs, are action-packed with marine life. Wrecks are typically washed with a little current, and it's not uncommon to have 20 spotted eagle rays lolling in the current.

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Cozumel Mexico

Of all the places in Mexico to dive, Cozumel is the most famous because almost every hotel and resort caters to divers first, and rightfully so since the current washed reefs are some of the most colorful and notable on the planet. Every dive here is a current dive, in some places faster than others, but it's like being wrapped in the arms of the sea and being guided through a wonderland. The sponges, corals and marine life all conspire to wow you with the maximum amount of color anyone can take in at once.

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Florida Keys

Dangling off the tippy end of Florida, the Keys, which stretch more than 160 kilometers/100 miles from Key Largo to Key West, almost look like an afterthought and have always taken pride in their unique "Conch Republic" ideals. They have hosted everyone from Hemingway to James Cameron. But, for us, it's the diving that elevates the Key's status. You can wind your way down the Key's one superior wreck experience after another.

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Hawaii is several destinations in one, as each of the major islands has it's own unique dive experience. But, while each island is unique, almost 30 percent of everything you see, you will only see in the islands of Hawaii From December to May the waters off all of Hawaii, fill with the haunting song of humpback whales. The Big Island, with the active Kilauea Volcano, is actually still growing as hot lava flows into the sea almost every day. The largest of the Hawaiian islands also has 12 of the world's 16 climate zones, from glacier to desertscape.

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Maya, Mexican Riviera

Officially, this loosely defined region of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, south on highway 307 from Cancun, stretches from Puerto Morelos to Tulum and encompasses the lively town of Playa Del Carmen and the cenote center of the universe of Puerto Aventuras. If you want to know what it's like to float in thin air, the closest you will ever come is the diamond clear fresh water filled caverns, called cenotes that pockmark Riviera Maya.

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